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Pre-Announcement: Israel Tour

What’s a pre-announcement? It means something like this: “I have very little specific information at this time but I need to start recruiting people who are highly interested.”

Possibly December 2012 or January and February 2013. Israel. Galilee. Jerusalem. Dead Sea. I will give short (short, I mean it) lectures at all the sites relating history, biblical text, messianic significance, and so on for everything we see. It will be an economy tour – decent but modest hotels and food (not a luxury tour). I’ve not been that impressed with the pricier hotels or the pricier food in Israeli hotels anyway. This is a tour for people who want to be inspired, to learn, and to see with their own eyes the places in which our faith was formed (Jewish and Christian faith with a definite emphasis on Messiah Yeshua). I’m guessing the price will come out to somewhere north of $3,000 (the airfare is $1,500 and Israeli hotels stay full all year now and do not offer low prices as they did back in the days of low tourism). Expected group size: 35-40 people. Pastors and rabbis and congregational leaders: I have a deal for you if you can bring a group.

To get on the list of highly interested and reasonably-expect-you-can-afford-it people, email me at yeshuaincontext at gmail.

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