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June 2011 Happenings

Here in Atlanta, on June 5, I’m leading a small class on “Eyewitnesses in he Gospels” based on Richard Bauckham’s Jesus and the Eyewitnesses. You might consider bringing me to your area to give this five-hour seminar. The blog posts in this category will give an idea of the kind of material the seminar covers: With all of the reasons people have now for thinking the Yeshua stories are late, invented tales, don’t you think some well-researched evidence for gospels sourced in eyewitness testimony could be a good thing?

My summer project will be writing Yeshua for Small Groups, a study and discussion guide you can use in your congregation or group (or start a group).

Releasing this summer will be The Messiah Yeshua Children’s Series Volume 1. The artwork is amazing and books with credible art depicting the life of Yeshua are rare. The storytelling is bringing the actual gospel stories to a young audience.

My fall project will be producing Mark: An Audio-Commentary for all you listeners out there. There are many people who prefer to listen to good material while driving or working.

In 2012? I’m considering things like Disciples with Yeshua or Yeshua in Context II: The Birth and Death of Messiah. Thoughts?

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