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Yeshua and the Mishnah on Carrying in the Temple

What did Yeshua oppose in his Temple protest action (Mark 11:15-19)? He opposed three things:
(1) trading in the Temple courts
(2) carrying vessels through
(3) filling the place of prayer in such a way as to prevent the main activity which should be here.

The second issue Yeshua had, which is stated directly in Mark 11:16, is also discussed in the later deliberations of the Mishnah (c. 200 CE). What is the problem with carrying things through the Temple?

Adela Yarbro Collins (Mark: A Commentary) explains that the idea of commerce in the Temple courts began with Herod enlarging the Temple area and including a Portico, like the Greco-Roman markets on their temples. Prior to this, tradition says the necessary trade (selling animals, changing money) happened on the Mount of Olives.

Maurice Casey (Jesus of Nazareth) explains Yeshua’s very plausible prohibition of carrying vessels through holy space, which is similar to the later rabbinic law from the Mishnah, “one should not enter the Temple mount with . . . his moneybag” (m. Berakhot 9:5).

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