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Banquets, Luke, the Age to Come

You will find eight occasions in Luke with Yeshua teaching a group over a meal. The Messianic banquet theme is known from Jewish writings of the time (the Second Temple period). In The Yeshua in Context Sourcebook (upcoming), I include a list of Luke’s eight messianic banquets. Here is a list of “Banquets of the Age to Come” from the Hebrew Bible and Jewish literature (including Revelation) from the period.

Isaiah 25:6-9, The Banquet of Fine Wine on Zion, Death Swallowed Up.
Isaiah 55:2, God Gives the Bread That Satisfies
Ezekiel 34:12-14, God Regathers and Feeds His Flock
1 Enoch 62:14, They Shall Eat and Rise and Rest with That Son of Man Forever
2 Baruch 29:4, Feasting on Behomoth and Leviathan
Dead Sea Scrolls, 1Q28a [1QSa] 2:11-22, Banquet with Messiah
Revelation 19:9, Marriage Supper of the Lamb

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