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What are the elements of the gospels?

When studying the gospels, it helps to know the kinds of material you will find and to think about classifications of different passages. I made this imperfect list for myself toward the beginning of my study. It is included in the (upcoming) Yeshua in Context Sourcebook. I think it is helpful for beginners (and not-so-beginners) to think about the differences in kinds of material we find about Yeshua. … Read entire article »

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Harmony of the Gospels

There are a number of fruitful ways to study the life of Yeshua, the gospels, or certain features of the gospels. One of those methods, which has value for certain kinds of research, is to compare parallel passages. A useful tool is a harmony of the gospels. Here are a few tips on how to find one and how the harmony method can be useful. … Read entire article »

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Missing Something

From a list in the upcoming Yeshua in Context Sourcebook called “Beginning Study of the Gospels.” … Read entire article »

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