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Little Capernaum, literally Kfar Nahum, Village of Nahum (the 7th century BCE prophet who wrote of Assyria’s downfall) sits on the north shore of the lake of Galilee. For tourists in Israel, Capernaum is a major stop. For many Bible readers, Capernaum is little known. This humble fishing village was the headquarters for Yeshua’s work, his home during much of his career (Matt 4:13). Yet Capernaum gets little notice compared to Nazareth and Bethlehem. … Read entire article »

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Beatitudes as Sad Reality

In chapter 10 of Yeshua In Context, I detail the five things we should see in each of the Beatitudes from Matthew 5:3-12. One of the five things is “The Reality of the Present Age.” Yeshua’s audience, at least those who thought he might be the King, Messiah, expected him to bring the kingdom right away. Some modern scholars have said that Yeshua was a failed idealist. He taught an in-breaking of divine blessing that never came. Perish the thought! Yeshua clearly taught reality and nowhere more clearly than in the Beatitudes. Consider these thoughts . . . … Read entire article »

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